Ardeth Blood

Hello my pets, its me your ghoul next door…if you happen to live with the Addams Family that is. This is my continuing misadventures as a lowrated underpaid B-movie scream queen. You can catch some of the highlights as we the hardcore Vamps Prods., team film our next freakature. You can visit my Myspace at I will be leaving little bat droppings here ever so often when I get the chance. As the latest film is now in pre-production. Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

p1000220.jpg Create dolls on The Doll Palace doll maker
copywrite hcvp2006

p1000236.jpg Create dolls on The Doll Palace doll maker
copyright 2006
copyright 2006

Hello my pets Just thought I would come into the crypt tonight and toss you a few bones to chew on. I did a shoot last night for the freakture. Watch your step the coffin is alittle wet still from the zombie goo that got left, the photographer was a real Ogre if you know what I mean. I know it was a late shoot (5am wraptime) but he kept asking what was for breakfast, I told him to go home and ask his Mummy. I don’t share my Count Chocula with anyone. (well okay there is one guy I wouldn’t mind sending the batsignal out to…) Untill next time Creeping Screams!
copyright hcvp’06
New Photos…

all copywrite 2006 hcvp


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