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How can you tell I have moving on the brain?  Could it be because I can’t seem to stick to one blog as of late?  I am in the process of moving this blog over to Another Freak in the Freakdom because I blog more over there then here.  I keep telling myself it’s in prep for the actual move from Ontario to B.C. in a few months. But Who Knows For Sure….

One Shot

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I am very excited!  I finally got the first video up on the company website!

hardcore Vamps Prods., 
Go to the TV page check it out and let me know what you think.

9pm on a Saturday

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I just spent the last half hour printing out the remainder of what was on my other website so I could get rid of it. I will be changing the title of this one now and still have to update all my links that linked to the old one….I do seem to create alot more work for myself then needed at times don’t I?

So She Drained Me

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bite8n.jpg This would be the poster for the film…no I my pets isn’t me in the poster, it is infact Viva-Loco Homegirl Esq. But it is perrrrr-fect…. for what we wanted.  Yes your favourite fiendish diva is once again working on the latest freakture over at hardcore Vamps Prods.,   and I will add a few bat droppings now and then when I feel like slugging it out of my coffin to do so.  At the moment I am going through my fang mail…and not all of it is tasty…some of it is down right xxx rated. Until next time, Creeping Screams!


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I had a really good photo taken last summer in the local graveyard I was using for my header. But when I changed themes I lost it and for whatever reason it just won’t upload again.

Vampire Movies I have seen

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This list is ever growing


1)noferatu 1922
2)dracula (bela lugosi) 1931
3)dracula (spa) 1931
4)dracula’s daughter 1936
5)son of dracula 1943
6)house of dracula 1945
7)abbot and costello meet frankenstein 1949
8)plan 9 from outerspace 1956
9)horror of dracula (hammer#1) 1957
10)black sunday 1961
11)brides of dracula (ham#2)1960
12)kiss of the vmpire (ham#3)1962
13)carry on screaming 1966
14)fearless vampire killers 1967
15)dracula has risen from his grave (ham#5)1968
16)blood of draculas castle 1969
17)house of dark shadows 1970
18)vampyros lesbos 1970
19)house that dripped blood 1970
20)taste the blood of dracula(ham#6)1970
21)scars of dracula (ham#7)1970
22)count yorga vampire 1970
23)daughters of darkness 1971
24)vampire happenings 1971
25)velvet vampire 1971
26)satanic rites of dracula (ham#10) 1973
27)vampire 1973
28)rocky horror picture show 1975
29)dracula (frank langela) 1979
30)jack palance’s dracula(tv)1973(theather)1979
31)nosferatu vampire(klaus kinisi)1979
32)love at first bite 1979
33)monster club 1980
34)doctor dracula 1980
35)salems lot 1982
36)hunger 1983
37)videodrom 1984
38)nightmare on elm street 1984
39)transilveina 6500 1985
40)lifeforce 1985
41)in the midnight hour 1985
42)nightmare on elm st 2 freddys revenge 1985
43)fright night 1985
44)once bitten 1985
45)highlander 1985
46)transers 1985
47)vamp 1986
48)gothic 1986
49)graveyard shift-central park drifter 1986
50)nightmare on elm st 3 dream warriors 1987
51)lost boys 1987
52)graveyard shift2understudy:cpd2 1987
53)nightmare on elm st 4dream master 1987
54)my best friends a vampire 1987
55)monster squad 1987
56)near dark 1987
57)return to salems lot 1987
58)slaughter house rock 1987
59)nightmare on elm 5dream child 1988
60)waxwork 1988
61)to die for 1988
62)the kiss 1988
63)elvira mistress of the dark 1988
64)pale blood 1989
65)teen vamp 1989
66)carmilla 1989
67)vampires kiss 1989
68)daughter of darkness 1989
69)fright night 2 1989
70)nick night 1989
71)lair of the white worm 1989
72)night life 1989
73)transers 2 1989
74)transers 3 1989
75)midnight 1989
76)nighmare on elm st 6 freddys dead 1990
77)red blooded american girl 1990
78)night breed 1990
79)howling 6 1990
80)sundown vampires retreat 1990
81)edward scissorhands 1990
82)too die 4 two son of darkness 1991
83)blood ties 1991
84)subspecies 1991
85)children of the night 1991
86)witchcraft 3 kiss of death 1991
87)shockem dead 1991
88)project vampire 1992
89)sleepwalkers 1992
90)dracula rising 1992
91)cronos 1992
92)tale of a vampire 1992
93)innocent blood 1992
94)bram stokers dracula 1992
95)buffy the vampire slayer 1992
96)rampage 1992
97)highlander 2 1992
98)midnight kiss 1993
99)girl with the hungry eyes 1993
100)subspecies 2 1993
101)subspecies 3 1993
102)to sleep with a vampire 1993
103)jugular wine 1993
104)highlander 3 1993
105)crow 1994
106)interview with the vampire 1994
107)nightmare on elm st 7new nightmare 1994
108)transers 4 1994
109)transers 5 1994
110)draghoula 1994
111)vampire in brooklyn 1995
112)nadja 1995
113)temptress 1995
114)embrace of the vampire 1995
115)night hunter 1995
116)dracula dead and loving it 1995
117)habit 1995
118)blood and donuts 1995
119)crow 2city of angels 1996
120)from dusk till dawn 1996
121)brodello of blood 1996
122)karmina 1996
123)vamperella 1996
124)night shade 1997
125)vampire journals 1997
126)teenaged space vampires 1998
127)blade 1998
128)faculty 1998
129)embrace the darkness 1998
130)from dusk till dawn two texas blood money 1999
131)subspecies 4 1999
132)modern vampires 1999
133)john carpenters vampire$ 1999
134)astronauts wife 1999
135)kentucky vampires 1999
136)sleepy hollow 1999
137)from dusk till dawn 3 hangmans daughter 2000
138)remnant 2000
139)moms dating a vampire 2000
140)highlander 4 2000
141)beowulf 2000
142)brotherhood 2000
143)immortality wisdom of crocodiles 2000
144)crow 3salvation 2000
145)little vampire 2000
146)wes craven’s dracula 2000 2000
147)legion of the dead 2000
148)pitch black 2000
149)shadow of the vampire 2000
150)forsaken 2001
151)the breed 2001
152)k2 karmina les zombies 2001
153)dracula dark prince (rudolf martin) 2001
154)blade 2 2002
155)bloodthirst chupacabras 2002
156)frost portrait of a vampire 2002
157)queen of the damned 2002
158)carpenters vampire$ 2Los muertos 2002
159)vampire clan 2002
160)love bites 2002
161)reign of darkness 2002
162)bubba hotep 2002
163)she lives by night 2002
164)star trek nemesis 2002
165)midnight mass 2002
166)league of extrodainary gentlemen 2003
167)vampire effect 2003
168)underworld 2003
169)van helsing-london assinment 2004
170)salem lot (rob lowe) 2004
171)van helsing 2004
172)wes craven’s dracula 2ascension 2004
173)vlad 2003*
174)dark crystal 1984*
175)dracula 3000 2004
176)blade 3trinity 2004
177)clive barkers saintsinner 2002*
178)bad girls from vally high 2004
179)david cronibergs rabid 1976*
180)wes cravens dracula 3legacy 2005
181)crow 4wicked prayer 2005
182)vampire assassins 2004(rudy ray moore)*
183)dracula bites the big apple 1979*
184)vampires anonymous 2002*
185)bram stokers way of the vampire 2005
186) Underworld 2-Evolution 2006
187)BloodRayne 2006

188) Ultra Violet 2006

189) Master Piece Theathre’s Dracula 2007 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ entries with a * next to them are ones that i missed (and was too lazy to retype list so added at end)

Scumbunny Mina

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Scum:a film of dirt or decay that forms on the surface of liquid, refuse or waste, low worthless people
Clot:a thicking mass
(Random House Dictionary)

Scumclot:A group of beatnik-yuppies who sat around coffee houses untill forced to leave by the owner in the 1990’s. (Jimmy coffeehouse owner in Thunder Bay)


And that is basicly how the story of hardcore Vamps Prods., (productions) began. Picture it, 1992 fall and 4 Westgate highschool students began clinging together in a small group. To pass the time they read books by Hunter S. Thompson, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, Polidori, William S. Burroughs, Jack Kerouac while listening to the Doors, Megadeth, Sex Pistols, and Ramones. The movie of the moment was Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and it flavoured their speech and the way they dressed as each of the 4 took character names. The novel was never far from the edge of the coffeestained table, almost always covered with cigarette burns. The soundtrack playing ever so boldly from the fearless leader slipping it either into the coffeehouse soundsystem or from his portable stereo that never left his side. And as the small group graduated and entered university they pulled others into their nightly scumming. Student films were produced by them- starring them- as one member went on to have his play produced at the local theatre. The 4 stayed strong for 3 years untill all was lost to college graduation, where they disolved into the mist. They’re calling card-a used coffeecup with a spoon stuck to the bottom with gum.
On this page you will over time come to find a few of the adventures that they the scummers got into as I dig through my diaries and remember.
Scumbunny Mina Harker

Nov 13 1992
The opening night of Dracula. We were late for the show and didn’t think we would get in. These two guys were already in line, front of the line and spotted us grabbing us. It was the dude I had met the day before at the writer’s group and some friend of his. They were both in suites, my friend and I were dressed in little black dresses ourselves so it just looked right. The dude was there with 3 girls, representing Dracula’s 3 Brides. He had such a sense of flare. We sat behind them all night, He and I speaking the lines outloud instereo much to the disapointment of the people around us. A bond was formed. He had dressed the part, the only thing missing was the top hat. He even had the dragon headed walking cane and pin.

Scumbunny Mina Harker

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Just a few photos for the hell of it.




Osteogenesis Imperfecta

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x1pc47kwjv0vymdkstz1fbpff3vsblo1z8jcnqvyjwt2h73gg5hgclrkaq1ml9iwtlwnaiaejeiu7i5g1dzuoph1egn-8yexo-rp6gnvnyhx2c7u74b5pqcfhee34qnwg2y.jpegOsteogenesis Imperfecta

For those of you that don’t know me on a personal level, I have a rare genetic disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta.
It means that I break my bones very easily. The type I have is called TYPE 1, it is a mild case. (also the most common)
This is a list of some of the symptoms I have.

  • Bones brake easily
  • Easier to get dislocations
  • Bruises easily
  • Loose joints, low muscle tone
  • The whites of my eyes are blue
  • Tendency towards scoliosis
  • Loss of teeth
  • Hair loss
  • Hearing loss
  • Low bone density
  • Migraine headaches
  • Early osteoporosis

Here is a photo of me at age 6 months with my first body cast from being born with my hips out of joint.
There is a 50/50% chance of a child getting O.I. from a parent who has it. I come from a family where my mom and younger sister both have TYPE 1 O.I.
The O.I. Foundation has gained ground in their research and support of this disorder.

From there to here

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This is my blog. I will be moving alot of my work from my personal website and adding alot of new stuff. Later, not at the moment because I am just in a rush and out the door.